hedgehog (Pet Simulator X)

Hedge Hog HC
Average Value  25,000,000

Introduction - hedgehog

The hedgehog is a pet in Pet Simulator X.

hedgehog Value

  • Normal hedgehog value:
  • Golden hedgehog value:
  • Rainbow hedgehog value:
  • Dark Matter hedgehog value:
  • Hardcore Normal hedgehog value:
  • Hardcore Golden hedgehog value:
  • Hardcore Rainbow hedgehog value:
  • Hardcore Dark Matter hedgehog value:

If this pet is available for sale for gems, it will appear below

1 X Gold Hedge Hog HC
by  Owl Zone
7 months ago
1 X Normal Hedge Hog HC
by  Owl Zone
7 months ago

How to get hedgehog?

In order to get hedgehog You must go to the at the . There you will find the hedgehog.