Safari Cat (Pet Simulator X)

Safari Cat
Average Value  500,000,000

Introduction - Safari Cat

The Safari Cat is a Event Event pet in Pet Simulator X. Players can get Safari Cat from the Scavenger Hunt Egg. This is a limited time pet. The chance of hatching Safari cat is unknown.

Safari Cat Value

  • Normal Safari Cat value: 500m
  • Golden Safari Cat value: 2b
  • Rainbow Safari Cat value: 4b
  • Dark Matter Safari Cat value:
  • Hardcore Normal Safari Cat value:
  • Hardcore Golden Safari Cat value:
  • Hardcore Rainbow Safari Cat value:
  • Hardcore Dark Matter Safari Cat value:

If this pet is available for sale for gems, it will appear below

1 X Normal Safari Cat
by  Owl Zone
2 months ago

How to get Safari Cat?

In order to get Safari Cat You must go to the Scavenger Hunt Egg at the Scavenger Event 11 Feb 2023. There you will find the Safari Cat.