Welcome to Pet Simulator X private servers. Here you can find pet simulator X private sertvers. You can choose private servers to join Pet Simulator X game.
Here you will find the Pet Simulator X VIP server 1
*VIP 1*
Visit Owlzo Private server with max 10 players. You can get 1 hardcore pixel pet every 10 minutes. Teleport to the Void in case you want to play the hardcore mode in pet simulator X and go to the purple building. That door will take you to the hardcore world update. Please scroll down for more VIP servers.
Join Pet Simulator X VIP SERVER 2
*VIP 2*
If server is full try to join the other four private servers. If you are still on the retrying screen then please ask to reboot all servers in the Youtube livestream chat.
Join Pet Simulator X VIP SERVER 3
*VIP 3*
Hardcore pixel pets are over powered and can help you progress in the game so fast. Try to enchant the pets with Rainbow V encgantment to get the maximum rainbow coins while grinding. The best chest takes 1 billion rainbow coins to unlock.
Join here Pet Simulator X VIP SERVER 4
*VIP 4*
Tip: Check Owlzo Pet sim X livestream to know which server is currently active for the pets giveaway.
You can find Pet Simulator X VIP SERVER 5 here
*VIP 5*
Maximum pets that can be equipped by a player with all gamepasses included is 21. It can take days/weeks to grind without a good damage stats pet. So, I hope the giveaway pets can help you boost faster in the game progress.
Join Private Servers for Pets Giveaway. Make sure to enable trades. You can get free pet every 10 minutes.
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